Semphy on guitar and vox
Eicky on bass and vox
Sabrina on drums
Me on guitar and vox
Well, this is strange... hahaha!
Crakaboom is an idea of Semphy, and I think it is a real good one! 99 % coversongs that nobody on this earth is playing at all, total rock'nroll with a big potion of fun!!! Examples? Sure...
Sexy mini super flower popop cola fan!!!
Is this the way to Amarillo?
Fire water burn
FC Liverpools "Walk on"
It means, not- rock'n'roll- songs gone twisted to rock'n'roll!!! Sounds difficult, and it really is! Additional ideas like the scratch and rolling back of a needle from a record player played by the whole band together was totally famous and a big laugh for the fans ("and Mary who waits krrrssxcch and Mary who waits krrrssxcch and Mary who waits krrrssxcch and Mary who waits krrrssxcch and Mary who waits krrrssxcch ..."!!!).
Crakaboom is loud, it is fun, it is rock'n'roll, it is culture! Several Gigs in 2000 and 2001, incl. a UK tour (best regards to the guys from SKUNK, you're really big and best!), the audience went happy.
After difficulties in finding the further way of the band in future I decided to leave in march 2001 before differences turn to problems. Crakaboom is still rocking, me I'm still rolling, that's best for all!
Hope that they're still fine and doing a big bang on stage again and again.
Hey Eicky, sorry for loosing contact!
Hey Semphy, do it your way!
Hey Sabrina, keep rockin'!

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