VOLUME I: 1994
Carsten on drums and vox
Anke on keyboards and vox
Achim (who died in 2000, god bless you, wherever you are, man!) on bass
Me on guitar and vox
Spiro of FREE YOURSELF on drums, guest at the Festival in Stadtoldendorf
Carsten on drums and vox
Achim on bass
Me on guitar and vox
VOLUME III: 1994/1995
Carsten on drums and vox
Michael on bass
Me on guitar and vox
Me on guitar and vox ( pub gigs)
VOLUME V: 1998/1999/2000
Elmar "Eltek", guest drummer
Carsten on bass (not drums!!!) and vox
Me on guitar and vox
CD release: "Alone'n'dirty", 1999
Well, sometimes the bands are not on the level that you have, especially in winter- time. What to do? Easy answer, do it your own way on these days... thanx god, this is not happening very often... hahaha!
Especially between the end of Princess Valium and the birth of Trio Vulgaris there was a time of around 6 months, when me and my famous friend and drummer- king- of- ideas, Carsten, decided to check new ideas and ways out.
There's totally nothing that we're afraid of playing, beginning with "Take five" up to "Bomber" from Motörhead... you'll never know what we're playing before starting the gig...!!!
"Mike Stone" is really no trademark, it is, written on papers, only a medium to play in a time, when no band is doing it. That's why it is possible that there are light-years between two gigs. It's not commercial- ambitious, it is fun in doing music. Check out for festivals like "Jazz- days" or "Metal- meeting", perhaps you will find my name.
If not, then there's another chance: check out some gigs of the "C.J. Parker Project"... hahaha, best wishes to Pamela Anderson (I love her style!), this is a fun thing of Spiro, Carsten and me...!
                          CD "Alone'n'Dirty from 1999                               Lyrics and booklet
From the readymade CD booklet back to the idea in spring 1998, drawn in Lahore, Pakistan (it's always a big smile to think back on these days...):
Dead and gone
The rocky road
Walking in the shadow
Railroad Song
Over and over
If looks could kill
Devil in this world (angel in the next)
Whatcha gonna do
Sad sad girl
Goddess in high heels
Don't believe in you
Take a look to these pictures and you will see the famous Carsten playing bass, I guess, he's thinking about a solo on Neil Young's "Like a hurricane"! There is a reason, why the scene calls him "the king of ideas", because he really is...! Give him a musical instrument and count 'til 10... then he's able to play it!
After getting some invitations for TRIO VULGARIS gigs in times when Michael wasn't able to come, we took the also famous Elmar "Eltek" on drums and played several gigs doing some rocky psychedelic jamming shows in germany's Albaxen, a place that nobody knows in exception of the people, who are living there. Anyway, these were some really great shows, big fun, big audience and a big boom!!! Thanx to the superb "Seuchenvögel" to give us their drummer Elmar for the shows, hope to see ya soon!
The snpashots!!!
Yeah, I am in preparation of a nice photo album of my 20 years carreer... I had already biggest laughter about some really awful "fashion" ideas that we musicians gone through during this period!!!!
To start this project, you will see first the very beginning in 1981. You will find already on the pic old Christoph (the one with the Iron Maiden Shirt), who started with me PRINCESS VALIUM in 1990... on this snapshot he's 14 and I am wonderful 15 years old. Great...! The bandname "Bilker Monster Band" speaks for itself... ;-) !
                                                                              the red t-shirt kid, that's me...
                                                                               25 years later, hahahahaha!!!!

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