PRINCESS VALIUM:           (nice girls, ah?!)

Well, finally it is my real first musical thing that you can really call a band... and I think it was some kind of the best one!

Christoph on bass, backing vox

Carsten on drums, backing vox

Me on guitar and lead vox



CD: "Rock against racism" 1993

Demo: "Princess Valium" 1992

Demo: "'93 shit kickin'" 1993

We started with some kind of good easy but charming rock, but after some months and millions of hours hanging in a wet cellar at D�sseldorf's Ronsdorfer Street, we felt that there was much more between us. So we started to play what everybody of us wanted to play, not that stuff that was written in books and magazines. The result was something between Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi on one hand, Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, M�tley Cr�e on the other, aaaaand some freaky loud and exotic stuff on the third hand, that I never was able to define. Loud? Yes? Ugly? Yes? And much more: very sad, agressive/depressive, thoughtful, spiritual, ironical. So went the songs: first ones called "April 89" and "You're gone" (typical commercial rock stompers...) there was the musical change two years later with songs called "Times of depression" or Black rain".

And, anyhow, the band was enthusiastic, funny, often smiling! There was no "grufty" feeling or the thought about the dark death! Perhaps you can complain it a little with England's MARILLION, a progressive rock band, that wrote the most sad songs on this planet, but during interviews they're smiling and kiddig! That was the same with us...


                    1994                                                         1993


                     1993                                                         1993


                      1992                                                      1991


                      1991                                                      1991

                                                                        (3 hours gig and drunk like hell!)


                      1991                                                      1990

       (it is the wedding of my brother Markus!)                   ( the first PV gig ever in march!)

The band made hundreds of live experiences and I made the first tour with the guys in my life! What a feeling to live on the street and work with the money that you rocked for!!!


April '89

You're gone

Knife edge

Embrace a memory

Train to heaven

When love's no friend of mine


Then I kissed her

If you really love me

Black rain

Times of depression

Bad mistake



Don't try to stop us

Where are you, friend (the final song)?

The cover of the first PRINCESS VALIUM CD performance in 1993, together with THE LORDS and many other hot stuff from our home town D�sseldorf. Hell, there we stood at D�sseldorf's Philipshall, the biggest shot in town, where KISS, IRON MAIDEN, DIO, BLACK SABBATH, MARILLION, GARY MOORE and all the big booms played, on the same stage and rocked half an hour in front of an 5.000 people audience that listened and understood!!! I swear, I'll never forget, and the hunger to get it back is still there...

By the way: the show there was a festival against those damn nazi- organized shit- raisers in the world. During the preparation I got some really bad phone calls and messages from never shown and named heads of that scene. I still keep my answer to them: FUCK OFF and kick your own shit!

















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