MIKE STONE: In the name of Rock!!!


Why is Mike like he is???

It is never easy to describe all in words, so here are some shots from past to present, no chronological order, just milestones and smiles. Perhaps they make it easier to understand...


MASTERPLAN aftershow fun at Biebob, Belgium, in march 2005, it was a beautiful day, a great band and a lot more to remember. From left to right, Julie, Axel, Jan and vocal master Jorn



                       The farewell snapshot of the last coop tour with the Jeff Scott Soto band

                       at Garage Munich nov. 2004. With a big kiss and thank you to my lovely

                       Julie, who handed me this nice pic.


WHITESNAKE Backstage party in Southampton, UK, Marco Wright an me enjoying some good time with guitar hero Doug Aldrich and Eagles keyboarder Timothy Drury, who performed great with a wide smile. Doug holding the Forgotten Songs Part I album in hands, that's commercial advertising, hahaha!



                                            Jammin'n'smiling backstage with former

                                                    KISS guitar hero Mark St. John



THE TORPEDO GIRLS and tour managers over Berlin...                       THE TORPEDO GIRLS with the JEFF

man, we met lots of people and went to a lot of places in europe           SCOTT SOTO band, Axel Rudi Pell and

the last years... great time anyway! Next year we will rock                    V. Krawczak backstage at Zeche Bochum

the rest of the world!


From left to right: Me, Torpedo Girls drummer Oliver and the incredible Eric Singer, all together on stage during the german KISS Expo in Nuremberg in dec. 2002. Man, it is a very strange, and on the other hand, a great feeling to do music together with one of your real big heroe's so far! Eric was great, in good spirit, and I really belive that he had fun with us Torpedo guys at all. You also see behind us both drumsets of Eric and Oliver: I think that it was not only for me and the "front musicians" a big thing, I am sure that it was a more not-to-describe thing for Oliver to play together with one of the ultimate rock drummers on earth together the KISS song "Do you love me"!!! I can't tell you, how proud I am about this: to be part of a long term dream come true...


            Mike with Sean Delaney                    The Torpedo Girls meet Bill Aucoin!?!


  The original Eric Singer drumset! I did             SOUND STATION studio, room 1.

  hundreds of phone calls and mails to              While recording and mix are made

  PEARL and ZILDJIAN (Gewa) to get this         always with my .95HOLY studio, it

  kit to the KISS EXPO... Torpedo drummer       is really fantastic to master the songs

  Oliver built up the drums and got help              with their newest machines and the ears

  from Eric himself...! What a fun to see the        of H. Dorgarten there!

  two guys sitting on the stage- floor and

  talking/working like good old friends...


My lovely Isabell with former              Stefan from Raeren, Bel-

DIE TOTEN HOSEN drummer            gium, and me in 1993. He

Trinni Trinpop in 1992. We asked        crashed with his car against a wall,

to do the tour with them, but               drunken like hell. He got back from

ASMODI BIZARR got the job...            hospital, never able to walk or do somehing without help

                                                         from others anymore, and rocked on! We met two times and

                                                         I wonder what he's doing now...


Udo Malms, one of the tour- directors      

of germany's Herbert Groenemeyer. 

I am not a fan of Herbert, but Udo was each    

time great for a smile and fine stories...     


Lukas from the club SPEKTRUM in Castrop-             Yeah, Hammersmith Odeon

Rauxel, here sitting backstage in Bochum's Zeche     in London in 1985! I went to

in 1993                                                                   Gary Moore, he was in best

                                                                              condition ever these days!

                                                                              Sad to know that I did see the

                                                                              last gig of Phil Lynott before

                                                                              he died... he was guest for the

                                                                              last four songs of Gary, it was great!

                                                                              Some days later he left...


Achim & Carsten, backstage at the              Holger and me during a living- room gig in

Holzminden Open Air in 1994                       1984, it was much too loud, bad and big fun   



Andy Langer from "The Blackheads"       Carsten, Anke and Andy in preparation of the

together with Isabell and Carsten at        Mike- gig at D�sseldorf's WATERS in 1994.

his Farewell- Party in 1993, he's now

living in Switzerland.

Hey, man, still rocking?!


My brother Markus and me, some-           The audience of THE TORPEDO GIRLS in

where at a railway station foto box            2001 during the W�lfrath christmas gig.

in 1986. The eyes of Rock'n'Roll...            Confetti spray, blood & coloured papers are

                                                             part of the show, so take care for the next gig...



Welcome to Pakistan! Nuclear bombs and    A view over Cambodia. The whole pic is made

that stuff, but no idea how to concentrate      with original skulls from victims of the red

on the main things... I visited this land by     khmer in the 70's. Unbelievable: each single

feet, train, air, north and south, I know,         family lost more than one member during that

what I am talking about.                               war!!! This is no CNN news, this is damn



 My best friends in africa... harr harr!               Bangladesh after the monsun! The whole

                                                                   country is filled with water after that, four

                                                                   weeks later the land is dry again...!



 The slums of Lahore, northern Pakistan.        The wonderful white side of africa!

 You see, we have no problems at all in

 industrial countries...


 The most comfortable toilet at the Karachi                   Randy Andy back again in Germany! Together with THE CLUB

 airport. A virus gave me a liver desease there,              he performed as special guest of  THE TORPEDO GIRLS in 

 is it a wonder?! Believe me, the other toilets                autumn 2003, around 10 years after we made our last gig

 were MUCH more worse than this one...                     together! Great to meet you again!


Just checked out all countries that I visited so far, not bad at all! Hope to get further on this permanent vacation, I love it to travel the world...


Czek Republik
Dominican Republic

Netherlands             Norway

United Erimates
United Kingdom


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