Carsten: guitar and backing vox
Nik: lead vox
Olli: drums
Volker: bass
Me on guitar and backing vox
CD: listen to all KISS CD's on earth!
"The Torpedo Girls" means: everything about KISS that nobody else is talking about...!
Don't understand? Well, klick this und you will see! Enjoy!
Are you a real KISS fan?! Well, then look at these pictures and find out the bad mistakes... hahahaha!
                                                                THE TORPEDO GIRLS:
Back in 1981 there was the first Düsseldorf carnival for me and my friends to pay tribute to our legends... see Mike and his buddies doing lovely KISS make up's on in their age of 15!!! See "Eric Carr" there? It's Ralf, one of the few who still believes in our heroes and is often be seen at a Torpedo Girls gig, too (20 years later...!). Cheers to ya! And smmmmiiiilllllleeeeee....!!!!!
                           Mike "Frehley"                             1981: Mike "Ace",
                                                                                         Andreas "Gene"
                                                                                         Dirk "Paul"
                                                                                         Ralf "Eric"

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