Carsten: drums, percussion, flute, backing vox
Michael: bass, backing vox
Me on guitar and lead vox
CD: "Nur keine Angst" 1996
Demo: "Trio Vulgaris" 1995
Well, could you imagine that Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam would do their job in german language??? If so, then you have the right feeling for TRIO VULGARIS!
You see, decades of strange german songs were gone over the world, some few made it with innovation and feeling, many didn't...!
The idea was to make it real. Fundamental Rock'n'Roll basics added with huge psychedelic, some kind of jazzy, feeling and good songwriting.
Germans can do many things pretty: classics, jazz, traditionals. But there aren't so many bluesers and rockers anyway! And: there are definately no german singing bluesers or rockers!!! TRIO VULGARIS was born in 1995, after Carsten and Michael, drums and bass, told me that they are not interested anymore in playing under my name, they urgently wanted to have a band- name! So, Carsten and me signed the name TRIO VULGARIS, a non- existing latinum word that doesn't tell anything about the language in which the band is singing.
Until now we have the possibility to sing in any language on earth, without misunderstanding by the band name (this is more difficult for bands like "Kraftwerk" or "Bonfire"). And that's correctly what we're doing! 70 % german lyrics and around 30 % english, mostly damn jammed covers like Neil Young's "Like a hurricane" or "Rocking in the free world" that really define the heart and soul of the band. Also songs from our old bands like PRINCESS VALIUM or SM are able to be played by TRIO VULGARIS, too!
The philosophy in future: less is more! No more hundreds of rehearsals, just pick up the instruments and play! The musicians are professional enough to make it real and with feeling! The arrangers can stay out of the door, this is experience beer drinking rock'n'roll with a big, big smile!
Some hundreds of gigs told the truth about it...
Trio Vulgaris
Bluse auf!
Land des Schnees
3- Promille Session
Herzlich willkommen!
1.000 Mark
Haus Spilles (das ist Rock'n'Roll!!!)
Liebe und Leid
Zeit zu gehen
Next gig: JESUS, who knows, *lol*??? 
But it would be like this:

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